In Pursuit of a Dream

ipoad2011cover In Pursuit of a Dream
Born near the end of the ‘Baby Boomer Era’, Brian grew up in south-western Ontario. Living in a village of 1,000 people in the 70’s he knew he was ‘different’ – and not just in sexual orientation. He had no interest in playing sports, picking tobacco, or getting drunk each weekend at the Dutton Hotel. Instead he read extensively, wrote, watched old movies on tv, and took Dutch lessons via shortwave radio. Sadly the language skills never took, but the rest have left their mark on his psyche.

Video Clip: The poet reading selections

Moving back to Toronto (his birthplace) as quickly after graduation as he could, he did more than his fair share to celebrate life as a gay person and promote ‘sexual rebellion’. But some nights he found his pen mightier than, well, his sword. Some of the selections in this volume were written in one or another neighbourhood bar or in one of Toronto’s bath houses. He doesn’t claim to have found answers there to all the ‘big questions'; but offers these writings as notes on his journey.

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