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Brian was born in Toronto some 55 years ago- the third of four children. He is at least the third generation of a cross-border family. His Mother was born in the USA (her Mother was from Canada and her father from the US) but moved to Canada to marry her first husband. Dad was born in Canada; his father was from Ireland while his Mom was born in Canada but raised by a relative in upstate New York. Mom’s older brother was born in Canada but moved to the USA to join the USAF during WW II- and raised two families (at different times) in the US. Brian presently lives in central Ohio. His brother (and family) now lives and works in the USA while their two sisters (and families) continue to live in south-western Ontario.

In addition to working various full-time jobs since leaving school, Brian has been producing photographic images for over 40 years. His first assignment was for his high school yearbook. He currently offers his photography on apparel & gift items, and as frame-able prints. Brian operates about a dozen web-sites; his on-line history goes back to CompuServe, Freenets and 2400 baud modems. His father introduced him to ‘puters by letting Brian write code (in ‘basic‘) for the IBM-5150.

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